I write whatever I want, my english are bad to be honest. If you hate bahasa rojak and you are a grammar police, my blog is not a great place for you to visit. Peace.

A poem from Linda

My dear, Mr.Lance,
The days you bewitched my soul and mind,
The days you wrote me a song and poem,
I wish I kept it but I didnt, I couldnt,
because you wouldnt let me keep your heart.

My dear, Mr Lance,
I forgotten about you as years went by,
but everytime I read poems , 
its remind me of you,
what kind of sins did I commited,
that I couldnt let you vanish out of my mind.

My dear, dearest Mr Lance,
My love to you may not be strong,
as Edgar loves his Annabel Lee,
as Juliet loves her Romeo,
but my love to you,
will forever I cherish and bury in my heart.

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