I write whatever I want, my english are bad to be honest. If you hate bahasa rojak and you are a grammar police, my blog is not a great place for you to visit. Peace.

The Owner

My grandma found the name 'hamra' which has the meaning 'red' in Arabic so my mom gave me the named 'Maizatul Hamra' . Borned in 26th March 1999 around 8.15p.m. I guess ? I am proudly to say that I am Johorean but I moved to Melaka when I was 11 years old because my dad thought our life would be better there. So here I am currently living in Melaka but my IC is still 01 *proud* .

I am ex-student of Tadika Kemas , SK Taman Kota Jaya, SK Dato' Demang Hussin, SMK Telok Mas and I am an ANSARA MUAR (ex-mrsm) . Currently in UniKL RCMP for Diploma in Pharmacy. Bad mistake, I had to learn chemistry again. I have huge obsession for English, poems, novels, social medias, movies and of course, cats. 

if you want to know more about me just follow my Instagram and Twitter. 

Love, HAMRA.