I write whatever I want, my english are bad to be honest. If you hate bahasa rojak and you are a grammar police, my blog is not a great place for you to visit. Peace.

A poem from Linda

My dear, Mr.Lance,
The days you bewitched my soul and my mind,
The days you wrote me a song and a poem,
I wish I kept it but I didnt, I couldnt,
because you wouldnt let me keep your heart.

My dear, Mr Lance,
I forgotten about you as years went by,
but everytime I read poems passionately, 
its remind me of you,
what kind of sins did I commited,
that I couldnt let you vanish out of my mind.

My dear, dearest Mr Lance,
My love to you may not be strong,
as Edgar loves his Annabel Lee,
as Juliet loves her Romeo,
but my love to you,
will forever I cherish and bury in my heart.

Du, iT.

People said money doesnt bring happiness.
Money arent important.
But I said that all those words are bullshit.

You need money to buy food,
you need money to get your rightful education,
you need money to buy clothes you like,
you need money to pay all of those bills and fcking unuseful taxes,
you need money for almost everything.

People love people with money,
people love people with updated gadjet and fashion trend,
people love people with huge house or nice cars,
their attidude? People dont mind about the dark side,
as long as they have the bright side,
which is money.

but for those who are unfortunate?
As long as they have kind and gentle heart,
people might love them,
but what if they dont?
Human, we all have those particulars side that people dislike
People will ignore them,
because they dont have the 'bright side',
although they actually do have.

Im not gonna involve religion here,
but the nasty world nowaday,
they even used religion to get money.

Money, is not everything. But it is.
My soul is sick.
I dont trust anyone.

I think I am in depression,
and I dont know what to do

Why I cant...

Why I cant draw,
Why I cant be beautiful,
Why I cant just read without brain storming,
Why I cant have something that always wanted,
Why I cant live a day without stress,
Why I cant move on,


I questioned so many things to God, I havent find the answer, or probably God already gave but my heart couldnt see it. Its been only a few weeks and I am crying right now . I miss my family, I miss my old friends back in high school, I miss being proud of myself whenever I achived something good.

Or should I start writting my gratitude list?

Being able to enter college/university,
Met a few great friends,
Great room,
Have money to buy food,
Have all the stationaries to study, to write, to draw
My parents are still alive,
My family are supportive,
Being able to walk,
Being able to see,
Being able to talk,
Being able to live as normal life.

Why I cant be grateful for what I have?

Week 1, at UniKL RCMP.


Alhamdullilah, today is Sunday, and Im writting this at night. Tomorrow I have one class which is Biochemistry. I dont know what to study since we havent get any notes and we still cant download notes from the vle websites because our mentor (or the department) havent approve our registered subjects *cried*

Anyway, its been already 2weeks i've stayed here (the first week was welcoming and orientation week a.k.a WOW) , but i considered last week was week 1 since it was week 1 dah start belajar.

Before I entered , I was googling, stalking RCMP's students at Instagram for gambar hostel, info, the life here etc. I know some people who will entering RCMP (might be you lol) will do the same things i did hahahahhaa. So yea welcome to my blog where I might post a lot about my new 'chapter' of life here.

I wish I take gambar bilik masa daftar but sadly I didnt BUT i will upload it as soon as I can ! *finger cross* . So the first year students dapat stay hostel at the new building so everything is new and still lawa jangan risau. Tapi my batch dapat stay hostel for only 1 semester but the senior atas kami dapat setahun (or more) so i dont really know tapi yang penting nanti you still need to look for rumah sewa nanti . One of complicated thing bila belajar di UniKL *sigh* The good thing here is kt unikl rcmp memang kt tengah2 bandar ipoh. Its took 10 minutes of walking to Ipoh Parade, 3 minutes to UO Supermarket hahaha. Depan unikl ado restaurant, 7e. So senang la juga nak makan or beli barang. :)

Anyway, setakat ni Alhamdullilah , seniors semua sporting, baik , the lecturers are okay . Cuma english is the 'main' language here masa belajar so kena cepat la for those yang englishnya lemah like me haaaaa. Class pula dekat new building so still lawa plus kelas sejuuuuuuuk. The nursing students semester 1 dah start belajar (kind of practical) dekat hospital so im not really sure how often they ada dalam kelas. Sorry.

I have 61 classmates (budak-budak course dip pharmacy) . 4 semesters belajar di campus and the other 2 semesters practical di hospital kerajaan. Im still in Sem 1 lol so I cannot go more deeper to give you info for pharmacy.

For those who dislike or weak at Chemistry and join course Pharmacy, CONGRATULATIONS YOU NEED TO LEARN CHEMISTRY AGAIN ! For semester 1 you will also need to learn Pengajian Malaysia (macam Sejarah) and Pertahanan Siswa Siswi (YOU NEED TO KAWAD) . Ada lagi subjects but Im too lazy to write it down lol.

For yuran, yuran pendaftaran you need to bayar sendiri, yuran pengajian MARA or PTPTN akan bayarkan. But right now we havent apply yet for eduloan mara sebab tak bukak pun websitesnya. PTPTN akan tangguh for only 75% je . Elaun dapat juga kot (but if im not mistaken students gaji parents atas rm10k tak dapat) . MARA pula, parents gaji atas RM15k takboleh apply eduloan, and those budak yang dah masuk uni lain before unikl (contohnya masuk uitm tetiba tukar unikl) pun takboleh mohon. Thats what our ketua orientasi told us so I dont really know about it sorry.

I have nothing more to write here since baru seminggu belajar. I will write more if I have the free time! I hope this post help you a lil bit about UniKL RCMP. Bye.