Do what you like, dont suffer yourself, making, doing all those things, works you hate. If people say that you would never make it, ignore. Ignore it.

You make the world , no , your world, as what you want. Go for it. Run for it and catch it. And dont forget, to enjoy it.

a trip to Aceh

Im not gonna tell you on how I managed to get my name in the trip and whatsoever or why I decided to join. Our maktab held a trip to Aceh for 20 students (form 4 and form 5) and at first I asked Elsa to join but sadly she couldnt so.... I didnt enjoy la because no close friend of mine joined the trip. There were only 7 f5s and the rest are f4s.

Since it was my first ever naik flight (Ikr, booo me) so I was kinda nervous hahahaha . But everything went well and I think I like going on plane (will expecting to travel more) Inshaa Allah *kumpul duit* . 

The time there were less an hour than in Malaysia. I thought they have the same time but oh well. Takde pape sangat pun. Sampai2 Aceh terus pergi Kuburan Massal, where there are 46.718 people dikuburkan during the Tsunami. 

We went there for 4 days 3 nights. I think we ate the same lunch but different places and different dinner (i am not a big fan of their Mee Aceh I am sorry but I like their ayam penyet its delicious) . 

The best part of the trip is during our 2nd night. Me, Ras , Izzuddin a.k.a Maria and Syafik walked around kawasan dekat2 dengan hotel. Every shop there were closed like 10 p.m like that except for the kedai yang jual phone and kedai makan depan our hotel. Lepas jalan2 , we lepak-ing dekat kedai makan and gossip hahahahaha. I dont know but I pretty enjoy that night (probably because we were free instead of jalan2 yang ada tour guide) .

Clothes? We wore really big baju and our tudung are labuh because we thought that there is a Hudud law there. But one night after we ate our ayam penyet. I met this one beautiful family and Ras asked them about hudud law and the mother doesnt even know what it is ! She asked her husband and her husband said it was like adat there ikut syariah laws since the tsunami.

But the people there are really nice plus you dont have to worry kalau barang kena curi sebab orang sana memang jujur and tak mencuri even you left your motorcyle helmets etc. Tasha lost her money on our last night and the guy who worked at Souvenier store found it and asked the boys whether they ada hilang duit instead of giving it to other people yang minta derma. 

4 days there made me realize that I really love Malaysia and I miss my country food sooo bad. Im not saying their food are weird, no. They just different from Malaysia punya. (if you visit Indonesia makesure to buy Avocado drink, its really cheap and sedap there).

And masa pergi sana ada dapat keinsafan and rasa bersyukur especially the time when we visited Rumah Anak Yatim and one of the school there. Their classes are not pretty and they dont have many advances like other schools does. Meja, kerusi kelas dorang kayu and they dont have any kipas. And the time when we visited rumah anak yatim, each of the kids were given rm1 and they were all like sangat bahagia (RM1 there is sangat bernilai) . Damn my heart back then couldnt handle the feel.

Basically, the trip there were fun because of my batchmates. Ras, Tasha, Jaja, Syafik, Pijol, Maria and Cikgu Sany (I cant believe I mentioned his name lol) . But they are the reason why I like the trip.

Here is some photos from the trip. And also to check out Syafik's vlog of our trip ! You can also watch the F4s (They are currently f5 this year) vlog too.
That is all from me. Sorry I couldnt write more because it is 2.07 a.m. and i have to go to work at 10.00 a.m . 



Can I be selfish? Can I not care about anyone else except for me? Can I not cry about others people? It is that bad to be selfish?

Im tired and sick of helping people who dont really appreciate me, taking care other people heart instead of my own heart.

I have things to chase too. I cant sit back with people who does not even want to work for themselve. I work hard and help them but they dont and always ask others people help.

Should I call that selfish? No. Because its make them look bad. What if I ignore that people, the society will say Im selfish and "nak berjaya sorang2"

Sorry man. Work hard for yourself and then I will help you. Dah besar, boleh fikir mana baik mana buruk, know what you should do and what should you not do.

You are not six years old kid who need people to ask you to do ABC exercise.

Call me heartless. Call me selfish. I dont mind. I am sick of people who dont work hard for themselves and keep asking people and blame god why they didnt get what they want.

How far my life in 2016?

Today js 17th March and I feel like I want to write something.

Suck. I dislike earlier 2016 because too much stress especially in college. Just as you know Im 17 years old, form 5 and Im gonna take SPM this November which I should realize that and studying hard af but sadly i dont have the kesedaran yet.

I spent my first day mid sem holiday went to Ikea with my mom and sister. And niece. 2nd and 3th day i slept, A LOT. didnt touch my homework. I did touch math but then I got distracted with kdramas "Marriage, not Dating" , really recommend you guys to watch that drama its hilarious.

Anyway its been really rough February and ealier in March. Homework, LDPs, UNGA, didnt get the chance to have 5 days PB because I had to be a helper for Perkhemahan Kor Kadet Polis.

I stressed too much so I spent my mid sem holiday releasing my stress, didnt think at all about those bundle and bundle of homework.

But I do have fun during Activity Week. Since its gonna be the last Activity Week that we will enjoy. So yeay.

So how far is my 2016 life ?

Not okay.

My asrama experiences in MRSM Muar


Got 5As for my UPSR 2011. I feel envy during the end of the year. I didnt get into SBP, some of my friends did, and some of them got into i dont remember but macam Rancangan Khas gitu la. Most of them dpt Sherodz, Sultan Muhammad, Sekolah Tinggi Perempuan and Tun Perak (yes im lived in Melaka). My dream was to enter Sekolah Tinggi Perempuan sobss sobss. I got nothing. And I sad. Lol. Anyway, one day I found out that I got into boarding rancangan khas something like that at SMK Telok Mas. Went to my old primary school to get letter then I found out that i also dapat Sekolah Tinggi Perempuan Melaka. Fuuuhh. But tak dapat asrama, so I choose SMK Telok Mas.

Bla3 i got homesick 2 weeks straight, my mom almost came like everyday hantar barang stuffs. Haha. SMK Telok Mas had really strict rules than MRSM Muar. Since the asrama between the boys and girls ARE FACING EACH OTHER, we had to wear long sleeves tshirt 24/7 , short sleeves are banned la senang citer, kena pakai tudung whenever you are out of the dorm. Seniors garang (actually they were baik). No phone allow duhhh. No kakak angkat or abang angkat allow (tbh i did have one kakak angkat because her face is like mine and then tetiba kiteorg rapat).   
Yup, im a pretty badass.

I found out the I got into MRSM masa nak pb chinese new year so I quit SMK Telok Mas next 2 weeks bang I went into MRSM Muar. My first thought about MRSM was study kena strict, bdak pandai2, rules strict gila etc. Typical mindset every people about MRSM kids.

But NO. It was far away my expectation. Idk about others boarding school but here in Muar, the rules are just fine. Except during in the morning we had to clear dorm at 5.45 a.m. for subuh and xbleh masuk dorm balik. Tskk tskk. Anyway, last minutes doing homework is normal for the whole mrsm kids. Studying 24 hours ? Haha NO.

Homesick for a year. Everytime i went outing i will surely balik melaka. Its took only an hour lol. Dramas? Duh of course. Teachers seniors, juniors, boys, classmates and batchmates. Histeria pun ada. Hahaha. Prep petang, prep malam, stay up buat homework or bonding times with friends, camps, puasa, raya. Yes puasa and raya dekat maktab serious best you can feel the love and the 'zaman persekolahan' that kind of feelinf, which are sgt sgt sgt precious and you will.not get it when you got into university or college.

So here I am, 4th year in MRSM Muar, Batch 12/16. I did applied for PKP, but sadly x dpt. I feel envy until now for my friends who dapat MRSM TGB. Everything happen for reasons.

I learned a lot during my 3 years in boarding school. I dont know la but every weird, fun, exciting experiences are memorable. I hate my life at first, but bila lama2, when that one time, you will realise that your classmates became family, your teachers became your parents.

I kinda sad tho when the people especially other mrsm kids think of muar "tempat buangan" . Idk in my oppinion la, takguna kalau kau pandai tapi bangga sangat dengan kepandaian kau tu sampai nak cakap buruk kat orang. Opps.

I dont know how my Sem 1 pointer. Oh i forgot to tell you here in mrsm, we use pointer system, acah2 macam kt U la. Never got 4 flat, but I did got 3.5 above for every final sem examination, LOWER FORM life, duhhh. Its easy. Until pt3 showed up.

Check my "2015" post for more pictures LOL


P/S : I will be back during Raya PB (pulang bermalam).