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Best brofriend.

I want to tell you,
about a boy who is a friend of mine,
became a boy who was silly to have affection on me,
but i againts,
the boy then become a friend of mine,

Time passed by,
the boy is still my friend,
who is always there for me until now,
who always hear my story from the beginning,
until the end.

People said it impossible for a girl and a boy,
to become friend,
but I never believe it.

Because here he is,
a one fine boy that God sent to me,
for he to look after me, for I to look after him,
for us to take care each other well,

He has a girl he deeply madly in love with,
im happy for him as he is happy with her,
I always wanted the best for him,
as he wants the best for me.

But time will always passing by,
one day he'll get marry ,
and i made a vow to myself
to leave him when that time comes.

I dont regret against the affection,
because having him,
as a brother, as a bestfriend,
is one of the best thing that i have in my life.

That is all,
about a best friend of mine,
about a boy who is like a brother of mine,
about my best brofriend. 

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