I write whatever I want, my english are bad to be honest. If you hate bahasa rojak and you are a grammar police, my blog is not a great place for you to visit. Peace.

This is not a poem as you can see...

Let me tell you about one fact about me,
that might not be comfortable for some of you, especially girls.
I get well with boys more than girls, in term of being friend, of course.
You girls might think Im a bitch or slut or whore, but I dont care.
It not like Im dating them or something.

I have a lot of friends, but most of them that I close with are boys. Old primary school friends that I still contact are boys, only a few girls.. I dont why it just happen like that?
Anyway, I know that women are created with very delicate heart, very emotional, very easily to be a loveable person (is that word even exist lol) . I dont know about men, but my mindset said that men arent very easy to have those 'deep' love than women.

But I guess I was wrong?

A few of my guys friends, especially my best brofriend (that i recently made a poem for him with him knowing because i think its embrassing to me for he to read it haha) . Shared their thought, their problems about their girl. Girl, I must said, not a woman.

But their love, are so strong. I always wow-ed with it. A guy who couldnt have other girl because he still cant move on with the girl he loves that left him THREE years ago (for me , lama gila) ,a guy who his girl cheated on him, then left him, then came back to him, and texted another guy, ignored him again, but my friend is still madly in love with her and couldnt leave and still believe in her *facepalm* . A guy who gets a girl who never try to understand him and moreeeee.

But what about my girl friends' story? Most of them are unrequited love.. Sad, indeed.Nothing interesting story to write here as example. Maybe there are, but I dont know it since they dont tell it to me. Urmm..

Okay letme continue about my guy friends, they can become so stupid sometimes that made me pissed of with them. Some of their girl dont appreciate their love , which i dont know why. If i were them i would REALLY appreciate everything what my man did for me. Ok la, i cannot judge them based on one sided story, i dont want to involve with people relationship takkan nak tanya girlfriend dorang semua. The only thing I could do is to advice to my friends , since Im a girl, i know girl attitude 'better'.. Im always giving advice so that their relationship can stay stronger and longer.. Depends storynya macamne, usually im on the girls' side (guys, they are so hard to understand us haha), but ada few times im on my guy friends' side..

The point is, I couldnt hate the girls who always break my friends' heart , the girl i couldnt be on their side , because I think I broke someone's heart too.


But my story are kinda vice versa. I didnt get the attention as I want. I didnt get a 'goodluck' wish, I didnt get the 'offer' of taking picture together during important events. I always did the first move. Yea i know its bad for a girl to do like that. But that the only thing at least I can do to keep the 'bond' , while he only did after I made the first move. Probably the story of us, are not in happy ending because of  our egos. He did he best, I saw it. But I just couldnt let it continue. Because I knew, i would get the same treat as I used to, because he is a busy boy.

And its make me wonder, there is a big possibilities for him to tell his problem, his heartbroken to another girl, as all of my guy friends told to me about theirs. The girl might do what I usually do, the girl might think Im a dumb and ungrateful girl who dont appreciate that guy. But I hope she, or he , will tell him that he deserves a better girl, nicer girl that I am. He has a long times ahead, when the right time, he will meet that girl. I will tell him that, if I were her.

My thought right now is, every relationship needs to have commitment from each other. Understanding, cares, love and much more. Belum lagi bila dah kahwin bagai anak bagai semua. I dont know why Im brave enough to write this on my blog, my friends might read it lol, might laugh at me, or probably mad, I would probably get lectured with many grammar mistakes here. HAHAHAHA.


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