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Du, iT.

People said money doesnt bring happiness.
Money arent important.
But I said that all those words are bullshit.

You need money to buy food,
you need money to get your rightful education,
you need money to buy clothes you like,
you need money to pay all of those bills and fcking unuseful taxes,
you need money for almost everything.

People love people with money,
people love people with updated gadjet and fashion trend,
people love people with huge house or nice cars,
their attidude? People dont mind about the dark side,
as long as they have the bright side,
which is money.

but for those who are unfortunate?
As long as they have kind and gentle heart,
people might love them,
but what if they dont?
Human, we all have those particulars side that people dislike
People will ignore them,
because they dont have the 'bright side',
although they actually do have.

Im not gonna involve religion here,
but the nasty world nowaday,
they even used religion to get money.

Money, is not everything. But it is.

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