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Can I be selfish? Can I not care about anyone else except for me? Can I not cry about others people? It is that bad to be selfish?

Im tired and sick of helping people who dont really appreciate me, taking care other people heart instead of my own heart.

I have things to chase too. I cant sit back with people who does not even want to work for themselve. I work hard and help them but they dont and always ask others people help.

Should I call that selfish? No. Because its make them look bad. What if I ignore that people, the society will say Im selfish and "nak berjaya sorang2"

Sorry man. Work hard for yourself and then I will help you. Dah besar, boleh fikir mana baik mana buruk, know what you should do and what should you not do.

You are not six years old kid who need people to ask you to do ABC exercise.

Call me heartless. Call me selfish. I dont mind. I am sick of people who dont work hard for themselves and keep asking people and blame god why they didnt get what they want.

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