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How far my life in 2016?

Today js 17th March and I feel like I want to write something.

Suck. I dislike earlier 2016 because too much stress especially in college. Just as you know Im 17 years old, form 5 and Im gonna take SPM this November which I should realize that and studying hard af but sadly i dont have the kesedaran yet.

I spent my first day mid sem holiday went to Ikea with my mom and sister. And niece. 2nd and 3th day i slept, A LOT. didnt touch my homework. I did touch math but then I got distracted with kdramas "Marriage, not Dating" , really recommend you guys to watch that drama its hilarious.

Anyway its been really rough February and ealier in March. Homework, LDPs, UNGA, didnt get the chance to have 5 days PB because I had to be a helper for Perkhemahan Kor Kadet Polis.

I stressed too much so I spent my mid sem holiday releasing my stress, didnt think at all about those bundle and bundle of homework.

But I do have fun during Activity Week. Since its gonna be the last Activity Week that we will enjoy. So yeay.

So how far is my 2016 life ?

Not okay.

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