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a trip to Aceh

Im not gonna tell you on how I managed to get my name in the trip and whatsoever or why I decided to join. Our maktab held a trip to Aceh for 20 students (form 4 and form 5) and at first I asked Elsa to join but sadly she couldnt so.... I didnt enjoy la because no close friend of mine joined the trip. There were only 7 f5s and the rest are f4s.

Since it was my first ever naik flight (Ikr, booo me) so I was kinda nervous hahahaha . But everything went well and I think I like going on plane (will expecting to travel more) Inshaa Allah *kumpul duit* . 

The time there were less an hour than in Malaysia. I thought they have the same time but oh well. Takde pape sangat pun. Sampai2 Aceh terus pergi Kuburan Massal, where there are 46.718 people dikuburkan during the Tsunami. 

We went there for 4 days 3 nights. I think we ate the same lunch but different places and different dinner (i am not a big fan of their Mee Aceh I am sorry but I like their ayam penyet its delicious) . 

The best part of the trip is during our 2nd night. Me, Ras , Izzuddin a.k.a Maria and Syafik walked around kawasan dekat2 dengan hotel. Every shop there were closed like 10 p.m like that except for the kedai yang jual phone and kedai makan depan our hotel. Lepas jalan2 , we lepak-ing dekat kedai makan and gossip hahahahaha. I dont know but I pretty enjoy that night (probably because we were free instead of jalan2 yang ada tour guide) .

Clothes? We wore really big baju and our tudung are labuh because we thought that there is a Hudud law there. But one night after we ate our ayam penyet. I met this one beautiful family and Ras asked them about hudud law and the mother doesnt even know what it is ! She asked her husband and her husband said it was like adat there ikut syariah laws since the tsunami.

But the people there are really nice plus you dont have to worry kalau barang kena curi sebab orang sana memang jujur and tak mencuri even you left your motorcyle helmets etc. Tasha lost her money on our last night and the guy who worked at Souvenier store found it and asked the boys whether they ada hilang duit instead of giving it to other people yang minta derma. 

4 days there made me realize that I really love Malaysia and I miss my country food sooo bad. Im not saying their food are weird, no. They just different from Malaysia punya. (if you visit Indonesia makesure to buy Avocado drink, its really cheap and sedap there).

And masa pergi sana ada dapat keinsafan and rasa bersyukur especially the time when we visited Rumah Anak Yatim and one of the school there. Their classes are not pretty and they dont have many advances like other schools does. Meja, kerusi kelas dorang kayu and they dont have any kipas. And the time when we visited rumah anak yatim, each of the kids were given rm1 and they were all like sangat bahagia (RM1 there is sangat bernilai) . Damn my heart back then couldnt handle the feel.

Basically, the trip there were fun because of my batchmates. Ras, Tasha, Jaja, Syafik, Pijol, Maria and Cikgu Sany (I cant believe I mentioned his name lol) . But they are the reason why I like the trip.

Here is some photos from the trip. And also to check out Syafik's vlog of our trip ! You can also watch the F4s (They are currently f5 this year) vlog too.
That is all from me. Sorry I couldnt write more because it is 2.07 a.m. and i have to go to work at 10.00 a.m . 

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