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Boarding school a.k.a asrama


I dont know I already tell you or not, Im currently studying in MRSM Muar. Yes its a boarding school. Basic phone, strict schedule and stuffs.

For those who got excellent UPSR 5As or PT3 result and wanted to enter asrama, I really really really recommend you to enter, especially SBP or MRSM.

One main reason why kids afraid to enter the boarding school because of bullying. In SMK Telok Mas and MRSM Muar, no bullying happen for the girls (im not really sure about the boys tho) , just seniority  and junior dramas its normal. Dont be afraid. If you're lucky enough your asrama would be peace. Plus if you kena buli then just go meet the wardens and make report about it or just stay strong. If you can face the bullying, you are the strongest people i tell ya.

Its okay to feel homesick on your first week of staying in boarding school. Its took me about a year to overcome my homesick (i know, its suck) but hey here i am 4th year in boarding school and im still fine and healthy and not homesick anymore (well sometimes i do get homesick when i stress too much about studying and stuffs)

Anyway, maybe the toilet, bed and food are not comfy as home, but you will get use to it. Trust me, DS (dewan selera) food are not so bad. Not to forget gotong royong which teach you on being healthy plus responsible for the surrounding because youre not the only person who live in that dorm. LOL. (Splash a bucket of water or add some sabun to your birthday buddy)

YES !! Not to forget about friends. The more REAL friends around you, the better your life in boarding school. Having friends are the main reason why students dont get homesick anymore. You eat with them, solat berjemaah with them, sleep with them and most of the times you spend are with your friends. But its annoying when you have to see your enemies everyday. LOL.

Apply boarding school and do trust me, you will not regret it. (Sometimes i do regret tho)  Doesnt matter which boarding school, as long as ada niat tuntut ilmu and learn how be a better person, inshaa Allah boleh.

Do comment if you have any question. :)

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