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To the day,,

To the day when i saw big green field and saw building where many successor were borned,
to the day i didnt realize that i was opening a new chapter,
to the day when i cried because i missed home and mama so much,
to the day i saw people were in hysteria for the first time, in real life not in movie,
to the day i fought with my classmates, my sibling,
to the day i cried like mad because my beloved sisters left us,
to the day i tried to fit myself with a new family,
to the day i laughed and loved a lot,
to the day i became something i wouldnt believe i'll be doing it, and i did.
to the day we became one, and shouted out our right, and failed,
to the day i got a new family again,
to the day i became mexican,
to the day i broke my own promise, not to cry about boy,
to the day we almost cried because we were too afraid to answer the papers of our life,
to the day we ended it with sujood syukur,
to the day we said our last goodbyes to each other.

And, to the day,
when all of us received an offer, for our new chapter,
made me realized that my chapters had ended.
I havent start my new chapter yet, my friends did.
and i am hoping to re-write the chapters that i just finished,
i wish i can.
we all wish we can.
but life, must move on.

I dont know, if you are reading this,
my friends.
but if you do,
i wish you goodluck,
make a great journey.

Our new chapter, begin.

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